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Dallas Cowboys Catch a Break with Zack Martin MRI Results

It's rare for any team to make it through completely unscathed and the are no different. has already suffered an MCL sprain and had to leave practice early because of spasms in his back. After practice, he had an MRI to rule out any serious damage. Per a from of 105.3 The Fan, the MRI was negative, revealing no serious back issues.

Zack Martin had been a picture of health until last season when he began dealing with an issue in his left knee. It led to Martin missing games for the first time in his storied career. Now it's likely that Martin will miss some practice time as the Dallas Cowboys manage his workload and take precautions with his back, but they caught a break with the news that there's no serious damage to Martin's back.

As we've seen with , back issues can persist even when treated well.

The Dallas Cowboys absolutely needs Zack Martin at 100% if the is going to click as we all hope they will. Without at and with a not quite ready at , the Dallas Cowboys weren't as efficient in the as they'd been in previous seasons.

Now with Travis Frederick working his way back and Connor Williams in his second season, the Dallas Cowboys offense looks to have their offensive line starters together for the first time in a year. If they can keep Zack Martin healthy, they should see their offensive efficiency return to the top of the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys are wise to take this report and be cautious with Martin moving forward. Martin is the best in the NFL and one of the best players in the league regardless of position. That kind of talent isn't so easily replaced. How the Cowboys manage his practice time will be an important story to follow for the rest of training camp.

Keeping Zack Martin at or near 100% for the is a huge key for the Dallas Cowboys to make a run at the postseason and hopefully the .

John Williams
John Williams
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