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Do The Cowboys “Have” To Let DE Aldon Smith Walk?

Looking for a spark to put them in title contention, the Dallas Cowboys took a chance on defensive end Aldon Smith last season.

The pass rusher who once looked to be on a Hall of Fame trajectory was out of the league for nearly five whole seasons, due to a slew of legal troubles and poor decisions. Smith wasn’t expected to bring much outside of a situational pass rusher in 2020, but he burst onto the scene the first few weeks of the year.

Aldon Smith finished his comeback tour with five five sacks and 20 quarterback pressures, playing and starting in all 16 of the team’s games. He certainly gave more than most fans would’ve expected, but does that mean he should be a part of their future plans?

Bleacher Report thinks not. This week, they released an article titled “1 Free Agent Every Team Must Let Walk,” with Smith earning those honors for the Cowboys.

“The problem for Dallas is that Smith played on a one-year, $2 million deal. Now that he’s shown what he can still do, he is going to be a lot more expensive.

While the Cowboys are projected to have more than $27 million in cap space, they are going to need all that and then some to lock up quarterback Dak Prescott. While Dallas would likely love to have Smith back, it cannot afford to get into a bidding war.”

A few weeks ago, our own Matthew Lenix wrote about this very topic, lobbying for the Cowboys to consider bringing back the veteran defensive lineman for next season.

No Title

Aldon Smith is presently a beast and if you ever get 5 splash plays in one day, you also get a Montage!

So where will the final answer fall?

Well, I agree with Matthew that Aldon Smith would be a good piece to keep around for next season. Especially if he remains inexpensive. No, he is not a dominant player every down anymore, but he is a nice pass rushing piece to the Cowboys’ defensive line puzzle.

With Randy Gregory likely being the full time edge starter next year beside DeMarcus Lawrence, Smith would fit nicely off the bench.

I’m also not really buying the “Dallas won’t be able to afford him” narrative. Sure, Dak Prescott will be expensive, but who is really breaking the bank for Aldon Smith in 2021?

He’ll cost more than he did last season, but he will be attainable for the Cowboys if the want him.

So, that is the question. Do they want him?

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. Based on the way he played last season, he is worth at least 6 mil. No more than 8, if you ask me. They should he able to find that $$$$ for him. Unless they feel Anae can step up and play meaningful snaps. I think Aldon will be better than last season with a real off season.

  2. I wouldnt pay more than 5 million a season for him. If a team is willing to dish out more than so be it. He could net a nice comp pick with that. Anae and Armstrong are just getting their development delayed

  3. yall are smokin crack. watch the film. he was terrible. sometimes he just stood there doing nothing didnt rush or drop back. has no moves at all. slow. lazy and could not even beat a backup. just go back and watch his games. maybe a new coach will help

  4. Cowboys have seldom “got it right” over their long-term past, re their defensive line. D.Lawrence was a bust last year, R Gregory is a nondependable dope addict (proven), it is a shame to let a defensive player “walk” who for a change, truly performs.

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