How Concerned Should We Be About Ezekiel Elliott’s Situation?

There are a lot of different opinions among Cowboys Nation regarding Ezekiel Elliott’s recent altercation with a security guard in Las Vegas. As reported by TMZ, Zeke was having a discussion with his girlfriend and later got close to a security guard asking “You got something to say?” The guard then falls down, the video is posted and headlines are exaggerated.

Since then, the team has publicly said they’re not concerned at all about the situation. Maybe they don’t have to be. As an individual event, it certainly seems like a very minor thing. He wasn’t arrested, as many media outlets wanted to make it sound worse than it really was, although he was handcuffed at first. Ezekiel Elliott has been present at practice and for now, things look like they will be fine.

However, I can’t help being a bit concerned. First of all, it’s worth mentioning the NFL will likely review the situation, according to Charles Robinson from Yahoo Sports. As much as the incident looks like a ridiculous thing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the league opening an investigation on a player they’ve already handed a six-game suspension to in the past. If they do, there’s no way of knowing what conclusion they arrive to.

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Whether or not it’s an exaggeration, Zeke has to be better than this. He had zero reasons to get that close to the guard. He knows his situation and how the NFL has handled it. (Video by @TMZ_Sports)

I don’t believe Elliott faces any sort of a suspension due to this incident. But still, there’s reason for concern. Yes, the “Zeke Handcuffed After Knocking Down a Security Guard” headlines were way overblown.

Yet, why would Ezekiel Elliott even get close to the guard to threaten him? Because make no mistake about it, he did threaten him. Regardless of what the guard say or didn’t say, he should’ve walked away. Elliott should know his situation better than anyone. It was an immature and a dumb decision.

This probably won’t be it, but if Zeke has a major problem in the future, it could literally lead to an indefinite banishment from the NFL. Elliott will not be benefited from an altercation with a security guard. It also won’t help that he pulled down a woman’s shirt during a St. Patrick’s Day parade a couple of years ago.

Elliott needs to understand that even if the NFL handled his domestic violence investigation in questionable fashion, he’s on the league’s radar. As a Cowboys fan myself, I wish he does understand his situation and avoids any sort of problem in the future. It could literally put a premature end to what could be a Hall of Fame career.

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