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“I ain’t adjusting to nothing”: Parsons on his approach to QB sacks

In an in-depth on The Pivot, a podcast hosted by former Steeler's safety Ryan Clark, Dallas Cowboys defensive star Micah Parsons was asked about how he planned to adjust to the increase in roughing the passer being called by Officials and their seemingly more restrictive standards for defenders. His response reflected the type of unrelenting resolve fans have come to expect from Parsons. “I'm hitting that m—–f—er,” he said with calm resolution.

As The Pivot co-host, Channing Crowder, explained that Micah would have to adjust to the rules in order to successfully sack quarterbacks, Parsons determinedly retorted, “I ain't adjusting to nothing. However he gets to the ground, he gets to the ground.”

It's understandable that some might show concern over how might modify his approach to getting after the opposing team's . Parsons is currently in first place for total with six on the season and is in second place for quarterback pressures with 28. If he were to become hesitant or had to change his methodology, it could have a ripple effect that impacts the Cowboys' defensive performance overall.

It's also understandable, however, that Parsons would be so resolute in sticking to his usual methods. He has become known for making trouble for opposing quarterbacks yet has only one so far this season, a neutral zone infraction that happened during Week 5.

Diggs and Parsons Expound on Their Love and Respect for Dak Prescott

Cowboys appeared alongside Micah Parsons in the most recent episode of The Pivot and had a lot to say when it came to his respect for quarterback and appreciation of his style. Diggs said of Prescott's role on the team,

“He's gonna bring the team together. I haven't seen [any] drop off from when he was playing until now. He's still bringing everybody together. He's still right there. He's still at all the practices. He's still right there. He's always talking. His leadership skills [are] phenomenal.”

Micah Parsons picked up where Diggs left off adding,

“You often see most players, they get [an] , they come in, do [their] rehab and then leave. Dak came to every practice. He stayed and did all the film with Coop… You just don't find that type of genuine love for the game anymore.”

On how he believes this time off the field might affect Prescott, Parsons stated, “this is gon' make Dak a 10 times better person and football player. His hunger is probably through the roof… I know Dak's always had a chip on his shoulder. That's one thing I loved about him.”

That's quite an acknowledgment from someone whose hunger, determination, and ferocity have earned him the moniker, “The Lion.”

It's also not common to hear defensive players speak so glowingly of their team's quarterback. The admiration of Dak Prescott and appreciation of his leadership style could explain why, despite being complimented as an even-keeled game manager capable of leading the on the field, everyone in the Cowboys locker room has said unwaveringly that Dak is their leader and quarterback.

Diggs' and Parsons' Keys to Greatness

When asked who their biggest critics were, both Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs asserted that they themselves were among their own biggest critics. Parsons was assured that he is harder on himself regarding both his practice and in-game performance than anyone else ever has been. Diggs, however, said that his son, Aaiden, is his biggest critic, sometimes calling him “trash” when he does not record an interception during a game.

“We could win a game, but if I ain't play to my standard for how I play, it just don't sit right with me. Gotta be better. I have to,” Diggs said.

These sentiments echoed that of teammate Micah Parsons who told a story of how he once apologized to for not performing well during practice. He hasn't had such a poor showing at practice since that day.

When asked if self-accountability was the “cheat code” young athletes needed to achieve their levels of greatness, both Diggs and Parsons responded, “Yes.”

The full, hour-long episode of The Pivot featuring Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs can be found on YouTube and most streaming platforms.

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