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No Surprise Here, Florida Tight End Kyle Pitts Having a Fantastic Pro Day

The hype train continues to plug along on the tracks toward the . Even as the are looking to add defensive help in this year's player selection process, it would be foolish to not even consider drafting a player of Kyle Pitts' size, speed, and athleticism.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys need to add an impact corner in the top-100 picks of the draft. Yes, they need to find more help for the and groups. But sometimes, you have to take a long look at the player staring you in the face. And while II is an easy fit meets need selection for the Cowboys, Kyle Pitts might be too awesome to pass on if he makes it to the 10th overall pick.

And that's a big if.

Down in Gainesville, Florida today, Pitts participated in the University of Florida's and he was the main attraction. And boy did he deliver.

Not only did he show really good speed if he were an NFL at 4.44, but his size, arm length, and wingspan were literally off the charts. This isn't just a really good prospect being projected this high because he's a really good tight end prospect. He's an elite NFL prospect, regardless of position.

Per , Kyle Pitts has a longer wingspan than any tight end or wide receiver in the last 20 years. The previous record was held by DK Metcalf. Now, why is that important. Because in the middle of the field and in the , you need a guy that can outreach defenders. You need a player that can allow your to throw the ball over defenders in zone coverage and can use that length to win contested catches in man coverage.

Based on the film alone he's a top 10 talent and potentially the best tight end prospect to come into the draft, maybe ever. He will have a lot of teams thinking long and hard about whether or not they should draft a player at another position or take the generational tight end talent.

As much as the Dallas Cowboys and I like and , if Kyle Pitts is there, I don't know if they can pass on him. Jarwin hasn't proven he can be a starting tight end in the NFL and Schultz was good, but not sure he moves the needle quite like Pitts. Yes, it would be a luxury pick at 10 to take Pitts and forego , but there are a lot of ways to build a really good defense.

Kyle Pitts may just be one of those prospects that is too good to pass up. Much like was last year. Pitts may not make it to 10, but if he does, the Cowboys need to just enjoy the fruits of the selection and look to 44 to add to their .

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Can you pass on a potential cross between Darren Waller and Travis Kelce? I say no..go get him and then get a decent corner in round 2. They have 10 picks, plenty of opportunity to round out the D if you play it smart. BTW Waller ran a 4.46 40…Pitts faster


Yeah when i saw this John my mind was blown , the dude is a freak of nature , I’d lose my mind if he even falls to us at this point , he’s one of those guys that he’s so freakish that he’ll work pretty much anywhere he goes , He’s unlike any other TE prospect in like forever,

if somehow , someway he fell to us at 10 (THAT’S A BIG IF) we can’t pass him on , I’m sorry ,

you also have to consider that if he did fall to us and we pass on him , then we’re gifting him to Giants or Eagles and i don’t know about you guys , but i don’t want to see him twice a year


Yea I would be excited beyond words if he fell to us. I know we need defense but adding Pitts would make our offense deadly. Probably best offense we have had with all the players we have. Please fall to us don’t let anyone in our division take him. I don’t see Surtain there at 10 but who knows and if for some reason we trade to pats for Gilmore I’ll never watch another game . I’m all for Pitts coming here haven’t seen a tightend like him in years and for him to be top 5 and to possible be at 10 we have to strike. Only thing I’m nervous about getting corner at top 10 is I keep thinking of Morris Claiborne….


And Eli Apple went 10th overall to Giants a couple years ago to your point Jason , I think if Pitts does fall to us , we have to take the sure thing in him , there’s quite a few corners I like going later in draft , I like Campbell or Stokes in 2nd round , Campbell fits well for what DQ wants in CBs and he reportedly ran a 4.37 40 time


Stokes also ran a 4.28 40 btw

Rodney OHara

We got to draft Pitts and maybe we can move back into the later end of the 1st rnd & draft a DB by trading our 2nd rnd & one of our 4th rnd picks.


Unlikely he is falling to us at 10. We got lucky last draft with CD. Can it happen again? TUTX88, good point, keeping him away from foes. I’ve been pushing for a defense player at 10, but I am re-thinking that now somewhat. With that said, have to temper these “pro day” 40 times somewhat. They are usually ALWAYS lower than Combine times. Still a great time, even if a tad off.

BTW, Oweh ran a 4.36 and Parson went 4.39. WOW!

Gary b

I’m not saying we shouldn’t draft Pitts, and I like him ALOT. But if we do it pushes all our more pressing draft needs one round further away. Our ability to get a quality CB/DT/SAFETY will be more compromised. Kinda hoping he gets picked before us and we don’t have to make that decision. Plus it keeps him from the Eagles/Giants.

To be honest I’m not sold on Surtain or Horn at #10 and the cowboys might not be either. Were it not such a position of need, would we take them that high? I would take Parsons if we keep the #10 pick. I think he has much more of a chance to be an immediate impact player, whereas CB has a steep learning curve, and might not be a difference maker till year 2-3.

I would be careful about over emphasizing pro day performances. They are working in a controlled environment, under optimal conditions with no equipment or opponents in their face. That said Pitts is obviously a beast and that can’t be denied. I can’t see nine teams passing on him.

The cowboys best bet might be a trade down scenario then a possible trade back up. They have the draft capital to make some moves.


I agree with you VAM and Gary b , these pro days are inflated a bit , especially for a QB pro day , that said i do think it serves some credibility to a certain extent, how far off would the 40 time be at a pro day compared to combine , i don’t know , i wouldn’t think it’d be too far off ,

As far as the possibility of him falling to us that is PRETTY UNLIKELY , here’s the scenario that would have to happen for him to fall to us

The first 3 picks of course will be QBs , the 4th pick the Atlanta falcons have , will have to be either a QB , a O-Lineman , or Defense, and yes , there have been mocks I’ve seen where Micah Parsons goes at 4 for those who still doubt him ,

The 5th pick for Cincy will have to be O-Line or WR , (Even Pitts might go here)

6th pick , Dolphins will have to go WR here (So the hope is Cincy goes O-line and Dolphins get Chase)

7th pick , Lions will have to go Defense or WR , (so hopefully Atlanta goes O-Line and that will leave Parsons out there , either that or they would have to go Waddle or D Smith)

8th pick , Panthers have to select a QB here ( But if Atlanta goes QB with 4th pick , then Mac Jones will be only one there , they might go Pitts in that case)

9th pick , Broncos have to go Defense or O-Line (Maybe they fall in love with Surtain’s pro day and they pick him)

And that’s what it’d take for him to fall to us , i had a hard time trying to put that together , so this maybe just a PIPE DREAM that he’d fall to us , and maybe it’d be a blessing in disguise that he doesn’t fall to us so that it don’t complicate matters for us , but you never know who could fall ,

DK Metcalf fell all the way to 64th overall , 8 WRs were drafted ahead of him , what problem was there with DK ? There wasn’t none , so you never know what could happen in draft , that said , teams would be stupid to make that same mistake with Pitts

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