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QB Will Grier Gets 1st Real Chance to Compete w/ Cowboys in 2022

While he was on the Cowboys' throughout the , never saw a single snap. Now getting his first with Dallas, the former 3rd-round pick is in a much better position to compete for the backup job and make his presence known.

Grier was drafted in 2019 by the as they prepared for the end of 's run with the franchise. He was third on the behind Newton and Kyle Allen but did start two games late in the year after Cam got injured and Allen was struggling as the starter.

Unfortunately, Grier's NFL debut was a disaster with three picks and no touchdowns in a lopsided loss. He started the next week and threw another pick before exiting the game with a foot .

Those two starts in 2019 are the only playing time that Will's had in the NFL up until now. He spent 2020 buried behind and P.J. Walker and was released at final cuts in 2021. The Cowboys claimed Grier off of waivers, taking on the final two years of his rookie contract.

Only joining Dallas in September last year, Grier didn't get a chance to learn the system or have any real competition with for the backup job. The Cowboys thought enough of his potential to carry him on the roster all season but, once again, Will never got a snap as mostly stayed healthy and Rush filled in when needed.

2022 presents Will Grier with his first real opportunity to compete since leaving Carolina. Some might dismiss him, thinking he couldn't even catch on in a weak Panthers QB room so why should we expect much now?

If that's your summary judgment, consider the following:

  • Grier's rookie season was Ron Rivera's last as Panthers . Matt Rhule took over in 2020 and brought a new and other staff changes with him.
  • Grier joined the Panthers during a tumultuous point in their QB room. Cam Newton was declining and Kyle Allen was being treated like the potential heir.
  • The Panthers fired Marty Hurney after the 2021 season. When Scott Fitterer took over, he had no previous connection to the organization after 20 years in the Seahawks . At this point none of the coaches or the GM had had a hand in drafting Grier.

To say that the Panthers parting with Grier is damning testimony to his potential could be grossly misjudged. He was a product of a previous regime and we've often seen when big changes on staffs, and especially at general manager, lead to sweeping roster turnover as they seek to put “their guys” in place.

This is all to say that Will Grier, seen as a Day 2 QB prospect just a few years ago, shouldn't be dismissed as a potential factor for the 2022 Cowboys. He's the highest-drafted passer on Dallas' roster and now will have the practice and preparation time needed to make a true showing of his capability.

Much like Cooper Rush shocked us last year by beating out for the backup job, don't be surprised if Grier now pushes Rush for the same role next season.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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It’s good to have competition at EVERY position. Grier may have the goods to supplant Rush, who IMO, isn’t a very credible number 2, but somehow just seems to stick around, I guess by default. The QB backup position, which the FO doesn’t seem to take very seriously, has been an ongoing problem for a number of years. Maybe Grier can emerge and give some stability there.


RUSH is it going to scare anyone but he did rate over 105 with 3Td’s against 1 pick in beating a mostly competent Vickings team at their place last year. Of course you don’t want him starting 10 games but any team is sunk if that happens…

William Bristol

He had a good game against Vikes.

✭ Cowboys Insider

Give Colin Kapernick a chance to compete for a backup role. A proven QB that is better than any backup we currently have on the roster. If he beat out our current backups then let him play!


Thanks, but no thanks, I don’t want the kneeler who compared the NFL Combine, which allows all players of all races a voluntary chance to become multi-millionaires, to slavery.

John dixon

You’re a fool. People need to stop pushing an old below averages QB (at his best) just because they agree with his ignorant political views.

Cowboy Fan Ed

I seen a post the other day that went something like this: If you Take a knee during the National anthem how about giving your legs to a real man that lost his fighting for this country so he can stand! CK made his own bed now let him sleep in it!

Dave SC58

Capernuts is no team player. He will use any platform he gets to sew division. he belongs on the outside looking in.


Survey says…ERRRRNNNT…wrong answer.

-5 for your Kapernick idea.
+3 or more for all those saying no.


Why would anyone give Kapernick a shot and I don’t say this cause of the kneeling I am saying cause the man had a job an quit I want out of my contract I quit I will not play here anymore that’s what he said so he got what he wanted. Who wants to play with a quitter he was getting paid yea might not have liked some things but you don’t quit.

John Lynch

When it is said and done, Will Grier will be a successful starting QB in the league…. somewhere.

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