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Should Dallas Cowboys Reunite Clay Matthews With Mike McCarthy?

Would Clay Matthews make a good Robert Quinn replacement?

In a somewhat surprising move, the Los Angeles Rams have decided to part ways with Linebacker Clay Matthews after just signing him to a two-year, $9.25 million contract just last offseason.

Mike Garafolo on Twitter: “#Rams are also releasing LB Clay Matthews, source says / Twitter”

Rams are also releasing LB Clay Matthews, source says

I could be wrong, but Clay Matthews is somebody the Dallas Cowboys could show an interest in now that he’s hit the open market. There’s the obvious Mike McCarthy connection dating back to their days in Green Bay, but there’s also a current void at defensive end after Robert Quinn’s departure. It makes a little of since at least… Doesn’t it?

Let’s examine this a little further…

At 33 years old – 34 in May – Clay Matthews’ days in the NFL are likely numbered. He’s no longer the spring chicken he once was, but he is still producing at a relatively high level. He recorded eight quarterback sacks in 13 games with the Rams in 2019, which was third on the team behind only Aaron Donald (12.5) and Dante Fowler (11.5), who both played all 16.

Being in his mid-30s isn’t ideal, but the fact he still producing is encouraging. His age likely means he could be a cost-effective option for the Dallas Cowboys, something they seem to be all about when it comes to free agents. Unfortunately though, Matthews isn’t the best fit in the Cowboys 4-3 defensive scheme.

Throughout his career, Matthews has been at his best standing up as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defensive scheme. That means he’s probably not the best replacement for Robert Quinn as an every down defensive end, but he has proven he can be a really good off-ball linebacker as well when needed. That versatility is at the very least a little intriguing.

I’d actually be really surprised if the Dallas Cowboys showed more than just moderate interest in Clay Matthews. He would probably be nothing more than a depth/insurance piece in Dallas, which is something he may not be willing to accept right now. If that doesn’t bother him though, I wouldn’t mind the Cowboys signing him to a team friendly/cost-effective contract.

What do you think? Would Clay Matthews be a good fit with the Dallas Cowboys?

What do you think?

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Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. Iove it. I have a feeling that LVE and his neck issue is gonna be a problem. I don’t mind Joe Thomas starting along with jaylon but Sean Lee is at the Point he’s not an every down starter. I have high hopes for Gifford, he’s shown really great flashes when wasn’t hurt but could benefit in a backup role for a year. Enter clay matthews to be the 3rd starting LB or at least rotate a bunch with Sean Lee to keep the oldies fresh and healthy.

    • If Clay Matthews can be had for relatively cheap, I think he provides good depth as both a pass rusher and off-ball LB.

      • I believe so also with 2 or 3 yr contract with 2nd or 3rd as an option out for the cowboys.
        Wish they would given Clinton dix a little longer than 1 year. He’s only 27 I think. And he’s been a lot more solid than heath and they managed to keep him around forever.

  2. Coach McCarthy should definitely try to convince Cowboy management to pick up Clay Matthews. I saw Clay play many times on Sunday in Green Bay when he played for the Packers and I lived in Wisconsin. He was a class act both on and off the field and his tenacity on the field was awe-inspiring. Not only was he a great pass rusher but also a solid tackler. McCarthy needs help on the defensive side of the ball. The addition of Clay Matthews would be a step in the right direction. He is one of the most durable players I ever saw play!!

  3. I am really hoping this is a decision they are considering. Makes to much since to add Matthews to the defense.
    Nolan is wanting a multi defense known for 3-4 but we are built 4-3. By adding Matthews u can get this transitional piece. In there 4-3 defense you have the rotation of Matthews and Lee since both are aging matthew is on a decline and durability issues with Lee. Rotation is perfect here. When transitioning to the 3-4 siply move lee over and matthew slips in on the outside. Lee is more than capable of playing mid. More know for his coverage play. Thomas fits in nicely in if needing a rest.
    If esch stays healthy that 3-4 front 7 would be dominate of course if they add a solid de/edge.
    Even in the 4-3 bringing in Lee for pass coverage and Matthews for blitz packages would make for some interesting options. You can even rope a dope this combo well.
    This also will give dallas 1 less need.
    Would be interesting to see if dallas takes a chance and signs him. He should have a decent price tag.

  4. Have to agree Clay Mathews would be a great addition to the roster. Both LVE & Sean Lee have issues, and having a LB of Mathews calibre would give some insurance of a player ready to roll at a moments notice.

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