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Stephen Jones: Dak Prescott Contract “Will Ultimately Get Done”

For what seems like the millionth time since the 2019 offseason, a member of the Dallas Cowboys front office reiterated their commitment to getting Dak Prescott signed to a long-term deal. Speaking to 105.3 The Fan, it was Stephen Jones’ turn to express that commitment.

Ed Werder on Twitter

Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones on @1053thefan on Dalton/Dak: “Obviously, it has no bearing on Dak. Dak is the quarterback of our franchise now, and for many years to come. We’ve gotta get his contract-we’ve gotta get over that hurdle. But we’ll do it, it’ll ultimately get done.

While most a lot of the NFL world continues to speculate about what the signing of Andy Dalton means for the negotiations between the Dallas Cowboys front office and Dak Prescott’s representatives, many have argued the Cowboys hold more leverage in the talks. The reality is, Andy Dalton’s signing doesn’t change anything. Stephen Jones admitted as much.

Andy Dalton is an excellent backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys to have as an insurance policy if Prescott were to get injured. And that’s all that he is. Any thought that Dalton is here to put pressure on the negotiations isn’t the reality of the situation. Dalton himself understands his place in the Dallas Cowboys quarterback room.

Until a deal gets finalized, this will continue to carry the headlines in the NFL. Of course, that’s no problem for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys front office. Every day the NFL media will be talking about these negotiations, which means everyday people are talking about the Cowboys. In a time when there isn’t anything else to talk about in the sporting world, the Dallas Cowboys and the negotiations with their franchise quarterback will continue to carry the news cycle until it’s finally resolved.

Currently, there isn’t a timeline for teams to return to their practice facilities and begin offseason workouts. Of course, teams are reportedly holding “virtual workouts,” but they won’t carry the same weight as live practices. And until Dak Prescott is missing live practices in an attempt to get a new contract, then he’s not missing anything.

The Cowboys offense will largely remain the same, with some new wrinkles from Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore and Head Coach Mike McCarthy. So, the learning curve for Prescott this offseason isn’t as large as it might otherwise be if he were working with a new coordinator.

There hasn’t been any urgency from either side of the negotiation to get anything done. Without a timeline for offseason workouts and training camp, there’s no urgency to get Prescott on the field, since the offense isn’t getting on the field.

The real deadline to get a long-term deal done has always been the July 15th Franchise Tag deadline. If there isn’t a long-term deal done by July 15th, Dak Prescott will either have to sign his franchise tag and play on another one-year contract or sit out 2020 and hope for a long-term deal in the 2021 offseason.

It’s time to believe what the front office is saying. They want to get a deal done. Dak Prescott wants to get a deal done. Eventually, they’ll settle on a long-term contract, and I imagine it’ll happen at some point in the next two months.

If the previous negotiations of DeMarcus Lawrence, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper are any indication, this is going to continue to drag out until it needs to get done. Lawrence’s deal got done at the last possible moment to allow him to have surgery and be available for the start of the 2019 season. Ezekiel Elliott held out of training camp and nearly the entire preseason, not getting his deal finalized until the week before week one. Amari Cooper was allowed to explore options in the unofficial part of free agency, meeting with the Washington Redskins before opting to stay with the Dallas Cowboys.

A deal will be done. Just like both sides of the negotiation table, it’s essential to remain patient as the Dallas Cowboys look to lock up their franchise quarterback. It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time.

What do you think?

John Williams

Written by John Williams

Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could.

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  1. DAK Prescott and his contract is turning fans against his greedy butt! We fans are sick of it and don’t give a shit anymore

    • Greedy? 4 years at one of the lowest league rates. Showed up, performed, emerged as leader, great representative for the team and did his part. Bet on himself last year, with no contract & superseded expectations. Don’t blame Dak, blame the ownership for not picking him up at a lower rate last year.

      • He had a contract for those years, RIGHT. He is SUPPOSED TO SHOW UP AND PERFORM RIGHT, and he was PAYED, RIGHT. It was a FOURTH ROUND ROOKIE DEAL. FOURTH ROUND, NOT FIRST ROUND. What do you mean ‘bet on himself last year, WITH NO CONTRACT”? He was under CONTRACT. You are incorrect.

        “Superseded expectations”? “Emerged as a leader” that led the team to .500 record.
        Beat WEAK teams. Lost to GOOD teams. Lots of GARBAGE YARDS to pad his stats. Padded stats apparently put fantasies in his head, and others.

        With the division there for the taking in the second Philly game, he goes 25-44, 265 yds, 0 TDs, producing a whole 9 POINTS. Could not even beat the JETS. GREAT, with that Oline, RB, and Cooper, Cobb, Gallup.

        LAST YEAR, Ownership DID offered him $33-$34 million a year, $105 MILLION Guaranteed. That apparently was not enough, so front office should make HIM come to the table, and start from scratch. They have the leverage NOW, with a real Backup/Starter who is almost as talented, and at a MUCH BETTER VALUE.

        TURNS DOWN $34 million per, $105 Guaranteed. Yeah, 99% of folks out there would say – Hell yes now that is GREEDY!

    • This is the NFL. A big part of it is contract negotiations that are going to go on for a long time. It’s the reality of it. If you don’t care for it, I suggest you spend your time with College football where the universities make all the money off the backs of the players.

    • All “US” fans do not share your opinion so don’t include me in your statement. I disagree with you and I personally believe Dak has earned and is deserving of a $ contract. The man should be paid.

  2. If I am not mistaken, Zeke still had TWO YEARS left on his contract, so why do you insist on saying it was dragged out and a last minute deal. Cowboys did not have to do a thing with Zeke. It was a mistake to CAVE in to him, in fact. Another commenter, a couple week ago, mentioned about that contract as being a precursor to what is happening now with Prescott. They made Zeke the highest payed RB in the NFL, so maybe now Prescott has fantasies as being the best QB in the NFL, and wanting to be payed that way. WE all know HE IS NOT. It set a bad precedent. Salary cap gets blown up, team potential suffers. If Prescott is asking for and gets the $35 -$40 million per yr. range, he is definitely NOT worth that kind of money, when you look at his PERFORMANCE ON THE FIELD. I documented his, at best, average performance here before, so no need to rehash. He has NOT “improved every year”. 8-8 record last year is AVERAGE. He is simply not ELITE or CLUTCH.

    Remember, a very GENEROUS deal was offered to Prescott LAST September, NINE months ago. So, who REALLY is dragging this thing out?

    The deal will probably get done, but that does not mean Prescott is not a self centered, avaricious human being.

    • Because he held out through training camp and would have held out to start the season had they not agreed to a long-term contract extension. Just because the extension moved up a year or two, doesn’t mean his negotiations didn’t drag out.

      • John, kindly tell me how someone can “holdout” from fulfilling their legal contract. IMHO, Cowboys did not have to do anything for Zeke at that time. He was still under a legal contract. Am I correct?

  3. I don’t know what more a fan could ask from their QB? Dak threw for 4,902 yards in 2019. We had the second ranked offense in the league although our 8-8 record doesn’t support the statistic. If it feels more comfortable to place the blame on someone then place it where it belongs. The lack luster coaching staff is a good place to heap on the blame and was well deserved. I’ve come to a conclusion that all the people who are leaving negative and hateful comments here about Dak Prescott and his QB abilities fall into one of two categories, maybe both; you’re really Dallas Cowboys haters or you’re fans of another team and you just come here to stir up dust. Dak played out the final year of his rookie contract for a measly amount of money. He damned sure bet on himself but which one of us wouldn’t bet and have faith in ourselves? He could have easily suffered a career ending injury and without a contract who’d be there to look out for his financial well being…the owner, the fans or you??? I just don’t understand how any one can blame him for trying to secure his future. Are there any of us out there that are so altruistic that we wouldn’t strive to secure our own future? In Dak’s rookie year, he played like his hair was on fire and we went 13-3 but the next year not so good. When Dak took over as QB in 2016 we’ve been loaded with talent but beginning in 2017, we’ve managed to shoot ourselves in the foot many times and we’ve bloodied our own nose. Garrett wasn’t a strong enough coach, in my opinion, to carry us past the first round in the playoffs. Garrett just didn’t have the knowledge or experience to play with the big dogs. I supported Garrett as our head coach for most of his time with the Cowboys but after 10 years of disappointment, it was obvious he didn’t have what it took so it was time for him to go. Dak Prescott is our QB and he deserves our respect and loyalty as he’s given us the same. Now… it’s time to pay the man and let’s get on with the game.

  4. I’m not adverse to the man getting paid or even paid in the top tier.. but this isn’t about money in terms of now money … He wants a 4 year Max deal only 4 years.. the cowboys are willing to and want to deal him for longer.. he wants 4 years so he can Max out twice once now and once after the Mahommes reset of the market. He’s a good QB and deserves to get paid… But let’s not act like he didn’t make more than his playing contract… All those endorsement deals came because he’s the QB of the Cowboys… He’s not taking in 30 million in endorsments playing in the last 4 years in Miami.. and that’s the truth .. also there aren’t alot of teams that would be willing to pay him what the Cowboys would anyway… But both sides need to talk this out to a happy medium asap


  6. Hey Jerry & Steven Jones can you pull your head out of your *** long enough to give Dak what he wants and either sign him to a deal by giving him what he wants or give him whatever unlimited money that he would accept on the last year that you want? #Sick of waiting

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