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Stephen Jones: When does the talking stop, and the results start?

Cowboys chief operating officer spoke to the media on Tuesday during the NFL in Indianapolis, and the revaluing door was said once again.

He talked about nearly everything, from who they might use the on to the . At times he gave us some decent updates on certain things, while other times, I wished I was there to ask him some follow-up questions he wouldn't like.

As a 26-year-old, I have witnessed four playoff victories, two from and two from . Yet, an answer was given that we hear every single year. “We're not satisfied,” Jones said about how the ended. 

“We've got to take the next step. Since '95 we haven't been to a championship. We weren't good enough this year and we have to accept that,” Jones added.

How often do we have to hear this until he and his dad do something to at least try and give them a shot at winning a title? Even his star made it clear that if this team wants to win, they need to load up. The window is closing!

During an back in February on The , Lamb made that crystal clear.

“Add more weapons,” Lamb said. “I feel like in that situation you can always be better, you know, it's never enough, you can never run out of ammo. And we just got to finish.”

The Cowboys had back-to-back 12-win seasons, but both ended at the hands of the . Yes, they won their first road playoff game in 30 years, but it is not enough!

Before blaming everyone under the sun, this team hasn't won anything in 25 years. I felt the last two seasons did indeed feel different, and I thought the Cowboys would at least make the title game, but they didn't!

The Eagles made a splash on draft night last year by getting A.J. Brown, and the following season they were in the . The Cowboys needed a true No. 2 guy this year behind Lamb all season, and yes, they signed T.Y Hilton, but did anyone think that would be enough?

did many good things but put this team in awful spots time and time again. He is gone, and has complete control over this team. Jones said McCarthy initiated the conversation. “In his mind, we can be better. Not that Kellen didn't (get the job done). But we have to take the next step.”

This might be the final chance this roster has to get it done. Bring back and let him play on the tag. Make take a pay cut, extend Dak Prescott to lower the cap hit, and sign or for someone to help this team win the big one.

So here we are again, an wondering what the Cowboys are going to do to try and get better. Jerry has already said he likes to think long-term via the draft. Well, though they have had great players, they haven't won anything relying on it. 

All I ask for once, is make an effort. You both are successful business men. If you want to clear the space to trade for someone like Jaylen Ramsey, you could. If you wanted to make the space to sign a guy like OBJ or Jessie Bates, you could. 

I am so tired of the talk, year after year. Just give me a reason to think you all are trying to win a title, this team has the right pieces, they are just one player away. 

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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