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The Tight End room is an oasis in The Star’s sea of insanity

After reviewing the wide receiver room in my last post, we've finally arrived at the strongest room in Frisco. The Tight Ends. It's nice to finally have something positive to say for a change, right?

Which means this is probably going to be the shortest post of the 12 in the series. It also means, unfortunately, the embarrassment of riches at this position is coming with a price.   


was one of the few bright spots in the in 2022. He put up solid numbers, 57 catches for 577 yards and five touchdowns.

But he's a now and the only way Dallas will likely be able to keep him is by using the on him.

Because Schultz is going to command a lot of money for his next contract.

The Cowboys are in good hands if Dalton Schultz

He's had three solid seasons consecutively.

He's only coughed up the ball twice in 198 touches. He's piled up 2,000 yards over those three seasons with 17 TDs. And, finally, he has been a reliable target for and .

If the Cowboys can somehow sign to an acceptable contract, they can use the tag on Schultz. But if they have to tag Pollard instead, then Schultz will play elsewhere in 2023.

The Cowboys will not be able to afford his services at full price.

And let's be real here, as good as he's played the last three years, he isn't exactly the second coming of . They can afford to let him go if it means improving the roster elsewhere.


Both and showed a lot of promise in 2022. They are also very affordable.

Their combined cap hit in 2023 will be under $2 million. In 2024, it will be just over $2 million.

Jake Ferguson

Schultz made just under $11 million last year. He'll make a whole lot more going forward.

In addition to their cap-friendly contracts, both players looked good in 2022. Hendershot especially seemed to get more playing down in the second half of the season.

If the Cowboys do lose Schultz to , they might be just fine at overall.


To be honest, given the needs elsewhere on the roster, I'm inclined to send Schultz on his way. I'd then draft South Dakota State's Tucker Kraft. At 6-5 and weighing 255 pounds Kraft is a moving wall that defenders can't easily get through.

He has very good, soft hands. He also is coming off playing for and winning a National Championship. Bringing in winning players is going to be vital if the Cowboys ever want to start playing beyond the .

With that in mind, if Georgia's is around in the third or fourth round the Cowboys could take him over Kraft. Though I doubt he'll drop that far.

Coming off of back-to-back National , Washington would know what it takes to win. He's also huge.

What wanting to retire with his internal organs intact would want to tangle with a 6-7, 270-pound mobile mountain? Not me, and I played linebacker.

This is one position the Cowboys do not need to address in free agency, nor should they burn a 1st or 2nd round pick on.

Dear Jerry and Stephen, this room is just fine. Leave it alone.

Richard Paolinelli
Richard Paolinelli
Richard has covered sports at all levels - from local, prep, college, and professional - since 1984. He has been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since 1969. Since retiring as a full-time sports writer in 2013, he has written and published several novels, two dozen short stories and two sports non-fiction books.

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