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Tyrone Crawford will Have an Important Role for Dallas Cowboys

It's easy to look at a player's number an start to think the player isn't worth retaining. However, when you're a team like the Dallas Cowboys, who after , several outside free agents, and placed the on (which is already accounted for on the ), still have about $20 million in cap space.

The Cowboys certainly could and save $8 million on the 2020 salary cap if they wanted to, but if they don't need the money, what's the point?

New has been vocal about his desire for the Dallas Cowboys to play in multiple defensive fronts. In recent years the Cowboys have strictly played out of four-man defensive fronts. The Dallas Cowboys are building a roster that will allow them to play in multiple fronts and Tyrone Crawford will be a big part of that.

Crawford came into the NFL when the Dallas Cowboys were still playing in a 3-4 in 2012 and played primarily as a in their odd-man front. While Crawford sat out in 2013 with an Achilles , Dallas switched to a under Monte Kiffen. When Crawford came back, he was used primarily as a 3-technique defensive , utilizing his quickness to get penetration. That first season back, he had three and followed that up with five sacks in 2015.

As the Cowboys have struggled to find any consistency at the right defensive end, Tyrone Crawford has spent a lot of time there helping solidify the Dallas Cowboys run defense all the while providing solid production as a pass rusher.

His experience playing both as a 4-3 defensive end and as well as a 3-4 defensive end will fit right into what Mike Nolan is hoping to accomplish with his defensive fronts. Like and who recently signed with the Cowboys to play along the , Crawford provides an ability to play several positions as Nolan attempts to keep offenses off balance with his defensive alignments.

He could be a defensive end in three-man fronts in both a 3-4 base or a 3-3-5 nickel alignment. Or he could play a defensive tackle in a 4-3 base or four-man nickel and dime alignments.

When the Cowboys send in their pass-rushing group in third and long situations or when they're playing with a lead, Crawford still makes a ton of sense to play on the interior. Could you imagine the rush you could get with Gerald McCoy and Crawford collapsing the middle of the pocket and and (possibly) coming around the ? That would be quite formidable.

Aside from 2019, when Tyrone Crawford didn't play but four games and was limited in each, he hasn't had fewer than four sacks since the 2014 season. That may not be worth the $9.1 million a year cap hit that he'll carry into 2020, but given the reports that Crawford would be open to a pay reduction to stay with the Dallas Cowboys, it wouldn't make sense to outright release him.

With off to Chicago, Randy Gregory still working to get reinstated, and yet to take the next step in his development, the Dallas Cowboys are lacking for experience and production at their right defensive end spot. While it's likely that Randy Gregory will return in 2020, it isn't the best plan to rely upon him for a full complement of starters snaps right out of the gate.

His ability to play the run and provide a little something as a pass rusher was sorely missed last year. The Dallas Cowboys struggled at times up the middle against the run and that's part of the reason why was allowed to walk in and they've spent money to bolster the middle with Poe and McCoy. Though don't want to admit it, Tyrone Crawford is a valuable member of that locker room. His position flexibility and leadership counted for something under the old regime and it appears they plan on keeping him under the new regime.

Every successful team in the NFL has guys that are valuable beyond the stat sheet. Those are what analysts like to call the glue guys. Every team needs them. They're the player you can rely on to do their job and to do it well, even if they're not a superstar. Tyrone Crawford is absolutely one of those players. For the and the defense as a whole, he's a player they look to for leadership because of his willingness to do whatever he can to help the team and the effort he gives in doing so.

Though fans and analysts have tried to cut Tyrone Crawford for years, it's time to appreciate him for what the player that he is beyond the price attached to his name.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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Jim C.

Release him , 2 bad hips, sign Everton Griffin

Victor Godinez

I am completely on board with that. Although when healthy Crawford is a valuable rotation player due to versatility but coming off two hip injuries and being able to save $8 million, I would cut him and sign Griffen to a short term deal similar to what McCoy just got.


What’s wrong g with you take that 8million and get a better player.Crawford has not been good and that 8million needs to go to a good backup quarter back or another positions.


Dude what? It’s time for him to move on, he’s been here for a long time and we haven’t won anything.


On the fence with Crawford. He does make a stop or sack once in a while and has that flexibility and good motor, but he is not that consistent. Griffen would be a definite upgrade, although older. I guess it depends in part, on the price tag.


We have 3 young d ends let’s move on

David Corvino

I am in the crowd that believes you can use that money to upgrade the position. Crawford is a good backup, but the starter needs to be better than he is, and we need a standout DE.

Dante Hearon

He’s not going anywhere.. cowboys always wait to ask for a pay cut to pigeon hole the player. He’s already said he’s willing to take a pay cut also. At a reduced rate he’s good depth.. could still use Gregory and another draft pick most likely a day two pick, then come June force the pay cut and the depth on the line should be better than last year


Typo in the first sentence.

Tim Ciesynski

Let’s hire athletes and get rid of the people that want to just get high. Dallas always wants to hold on to players that don’t help the TEAM, get players that want to help the TEAM MR. JONES’S!

Reginald Boutte

Let him go 2 years ago please..


Crawford is just a bad investment due to injuries and off-field judgment calls. Cut him and get some depth if nothing else.

d Taylor

Winning is locker room SUPERGLUE… rather have a winner with a bad attitude when losing to make the locker room uncomfortable after a loss… release Crawford and bring back D Irving if he’s reinstated along with R Gregory, then use top three or four draft picks on DBs…

d Taylor

Winning is locker room SUPERGLUE… rather have a winner with a bad attitude when losing to make the locker room unpleasant. after a loss… release Crawford and bring back D Irving if he’s reinstated along with R Gregory, then use top three or four draft picks on DBs…

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