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What’s the Holdup in Randy Gregory’s Reinstatement Request?

The are hoping that will be a key part of their rotation in 2020. But first he has to come off the NFL's indefinitely suspended list, and that request is taking longer than we expected. What's the holdup?

After delaying for over a year as he worked on his personal life, Randy finally applied for reinstatement in March. While we never expected it to happen overnight, the fact that it's still ongoing into July and with training camps not far away is raising some eyebrows.

The perceived delay on Gregory is especially surprising since fellow DE got a response back in May. We're not sure exactly when Smith began the reinstatement process, but it was in the works when Dallas signed him on April 2nd and was granted on May 26th.

It's important to remember, though, that these requests aren't a simple matter of a one-time conversation between the player and . There are medical testing procedures that take time to execute in addition with the personal discussions.

As with most of life during the year of 2020, everything is being disrupted by . And while it may not be the fairest thing for Gregory and other affected players, they are a low priority right now compared to delayed starts, ceremony cancellations, and the elimination of games.

Let's face it; Goodell and his team have way bigger concerns right now. They're trying to see if over 1,600 NFL players will be able to play in Week One during the pandemic.

Randy Gregory will get his day in Roger's court. And to avoid any sort of complaint from the players' union, I am sure it will happen soon so that Randy can at least join his team for the start of the regular season if not sooner.

But if you're one of many wondering why we haven't heard anything yet, don't think it's a bad sign about Gregory's request or the NFL screwing with Dallas. It's just a symptom of where this request falls in the grand scheme of things.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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All that being said, it was my understanding that there was a deadline for the NFL to respond (and that was over a month ago?). At the very least, they owed a deadline-driven explanation to SOMEONE. Surely somebody knows something!


There is no deadline. That is one of the many media misrepresentations. The CBA states that the player must provide the league office documentation to allow them to make a decision within 60 days. Nowhere does it state that the league office has to make a decision within 60 days. Maybe he didn’t provide them enough information needed? Maybe it will take longer because he is a player asking for his 3rd reinstatement? Maybe the information he provided doesn’t support his reinstatement and they asked for more info? Or maybe the league has bigger issues to deal with right now. No football activity is going on so there is really no rush to make a judgment.


this dude is on his WHAT 3rd or 4th chance for screwing up and NOT following the rules and the league should hurry up and put him back on a team?? he should learn to follow the rules and made to wait his turn and maybe, just maybe it will sink into his pea of a brain he must have , and then he just might be able to realize what a gift he has been throwing away each time he gets stoned!!! and yes I am a cowboy fan…..


Not implying he get any free pass or that the NFL need to “hurry up” … but the NFL had a deadline to respond, and shouldn’t they be held to their own guidelines and rules? And if there is an exception (whether COVID-related or otherwise), shouldn’t they have to make it know to someone? It’s a double-standard no matter how you elect to paint it.


Yes I agree.


For smoking weed……..There are guys in the league right now who smoke often. Chris Long and Chris Simms admitted they couldn’t make it after games without it……where’s your outrage?

BTW I refuse to believe Rob Gronkowski has NEVER smoked as an NFL player!

Gary b

Plus compared to A Smith transgressions Gregory offenses were benign. The league and society stance on marijuana is softening every day. I’m not saying he’s not responsible for his choices (rules are rules) but guys have been reinstated much quicker for much more serious crimes.

saul A Barrera

As much as I want him to get reinstated. Dude had many chances to be a NFL star. He just kept screwing things up. If he gets back in then good for us, if not he did it to himself

Cowboy Fan Ed

One thing that everybody needs to realize is that Randy Gregory is a Dallas Cowboy , and ole Roger can’t stand Jerry Jones so if there is any chance he can stick Jerry he will do it! I understand the fact that Randy has broke the rules and should be punished ,if it was up to me I would have cut him after the second offense ! but my question is …….. if Josh Gordon can get chance after chance why can’t RG?

Alan Beasley

Goodell reinstated Smith who had domestic violence and DUI issues, yet Gregory, who smokes pot for his anxiety disorder, has to sit and wait?
The Covid “crises” is an urgent matter, no doubt, but the commmish’s office can’t handle but one issue at a time?
The league office’s dislike of Jerry (and that’s putting it mildly) is well known, even if they won’t come right out and admit it, they’ll drag out Randy’s reinstatement as long as possible, I don’t expect an answer until probably the last pre-season game, if there are any, or right before the season’s start, if there is one. Really no way they can keep him off the field, for the pot issue, because the new agreement says they can’t suspend for pot use, only require “treatment”. But by waiting until much later, Randy won’t be in football shape, will have no time with the coaches and other players, so he’ll be hamstrung and not as effective as he could have been.
Hopefully (though I severely doubt it), Smith will stay on the field and be at least close to how he was previously, and Gregory won’t be as necessary as now.


The NFL office doesn’t have to like Jerry … they all work for him. It would be quite easy for Jerry to get the other owners to join a press to force action. I just think that something has already been decided, the key parties have been made aware, and plans are in place … I just don’t know why it’s not being shared publicly.

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