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Why the Dallas Cowboys should sign Dalvin Cook

There have been multiple reports that the are reportedly cutting four-time come June 1st.

The Cowboys let go of long-tenured and beloved three-time Pro Bowl RB this .

To fill the void of Elliott, the Cowboys signed and drafted by way of the University of .

Should the Dallas Cowboys sign Dalvin Cook?

Cook has been a Pro Bowl selection for the past four years. During that stretch Cook has been able to put up a 1,000-yard rushing season.

This past season Cook saw 264 rushing attempts while rushing for 1,173 yards. He also played in all 17 games.

The 27-year-old running back still has a lot of life left.

Although Cook and Elliott are the same age, there hasn't been a visible decline in Cook's game. Cook seems to have more years of elite play in him.

Signing Cook to the Cowboys shows the loyal fanbase that ownership is serious about winning.

There's no denying that Vaughn and Jones are talented.

However, Vaughn is a sixth-round pick who hasn't seen a single snap in the . Jones on the other hand has not seen 200 or more rushing attempts in a season.

With as the lead running back, it's imperative that Dallas signs Cook.

Pollard is an elusive speedy running back

This past season Pollard put up career numbers across the board.

Pollard started four games this season, his most for a single season. Pollard also rushed for 193 attempts. That's his highest in a season as well.

He capped off this first Pro Bowl selection season by rushing for 1,007 yards and scoring nine touchdowns.

Pollard suffered a broken fibula in the against the .

Although there are no long-term concerns regarding Pollard's from the Cowboys' medical staff and , Cook serves as insurance.

Pollard has not seen over 200 rushing attempts in one season. Many fans speculate whether Pollard can handle being the Cowboys' workhorse. Especially coming off an injury.

Elliott noticeably lost a step or two, however, his ability to be a workhorse paired well with Pollard's elusiveness.

Elliott saw a total of 231 rushing attempts during the .

Pollard's career-high attempts are 193.

Cook is no stranger to carrying the load as he saw a career-high of 312 attempts back in the .

will be taking over the playcalling on after the departure of .

The change of play callers will also bring a new approach to the Cowboys' style of offense.

With Moore, the Cowboys put an emphasis on slinging the ball and running the scoreboard up.

This won't be the case with McCarthy.

McCarthy has stated there's going to be an emphasis on utilizing the game clock.

He has also stated he wants to run the ball more so the has time to rest and catch their breath.

McCarthy has no desire to be the number-one offense in the league. He wants to be the number-one team in wins and .

To best make the wishes of McCarthy's plans, the should sign Dalvin Cook. Adding Cook makes the Cowboys a stronger team.

Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez
Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys Fan from birth. Based in Los Angeles.

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