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Christmas game balls: Bland, Kearse, and Lamb all shine against the Eagles

Merry Christmas, everyone!

As you all sit around opening presents, drinking coffee, and spending Christmas morning with your loved ones, I thought I would be jolly and give you all a Holiday Piece to read.

Now, I don't want you reading this piece and ignoring the Christmas morning spirit because that's the time you need to spend with the family. But of course, when you have downtime, or if you are Hispanic and already had your “Christmas” on Christmas Eve — then it's okay to stay reading.

As we all saw, our Dallas Cowboys beat the in a nail-biter, 40-34. Following the game, there were numerous takes from both fanbases — but the most popular I saw from fans was, “The Boys barely beat us (Eagles), and we had a backup QB.”

I admit I instantly engaged with those fans in a debate and brought up the Eagles barely beat the Boys with a backup QB as well — and you can make the debate that if and the team don't make those mistakes in their first matchup — we could be talking about the Boys 2-0 against the Eagles right now.

But that's the past, and debating with opposing fans is endless. So, to shift away from that talk and to look at the game — I wanted to hand out game balls to players who played critical roles in helping the Boys come out victorious.

Two guys were on the defensive side, and one was on the . Other players were in contention for game balls, but these three shined the most when the lights got bright.

So to ease your curiosity, check them out below.

DaRon Bland

If you told me that rookie would be one of the team's best defenders this season — I wouldn't believe you. Although I was a massive Bland fan coming into this year, I figured he would only get a handful of snaps.

However, after the team lost and , Bland was thrown into the fire — and he has risen to the occasion. Yesterday, with the score tied 34-34, Bland made a massive play as he intercepted a pass to Quez Watkins and helped grab momentum for the Cowboys.

His interception would be his fifth of the season, which is tied for the most by a Cowboys rookie since 2002. Beyond his interception, Bland was a menace all over the field — and he's making a huge case to solidify himself as the permanent starting slot corner next season.

It's crazy that Bland only has six starts logged under his belt because his level of play has been stellar. Also, it looks like the franchise got a massive Day Three steal — so kudos to them.

Jayron Kearse

Is it crazy to label Kearse as one of the team's top three most important defenders this season? Because, damn, he's balling.

Yesterday when the Eagles were rolling on offense and the Cowboys' needed a stop — it felt like Kearse always answered the bell. Out of the four turnovers, Kearse wound up having two.

In his first turnover, Kearse made an insane interception that made me almost spit out my “eggnog” (hint: It was a delicious craft beer). His pick got even the announcers riled up, but his turnover was crucial as it prevented the Eagles from going up two scores — and it got the Cowboys within striking distance.

Kearse came up clutch again late in the third quarter, as the Eagles fumbled on a handoff to RB Boston Scott — and he was there to snatch up the football. While he didn't score because of Minshew's , his takeaway got the Boys the back, and they scored on a crazy Michael Gallup 12-yard catch in the endzone.

CeeDee Lamb

I want to keep this short and sweet about Lamb because I don't want to take too much of your time on this lovely holiday. But if you want more talk on Lamb, you can read why I chose him as a baller in yesterday's game on the hyperlink to the left.

To sum it up, Lamb was “him.” Play after play, the Eagles had no answer for him — and this was arguably one of his best games. My favorite play from Lamb came on his second touchdown when he tucked in his chain and scored seamlessly on CB .

How gangster is that?

Also, this is my favorite picture of him as he's all smiles with T.Y Hilton — who had arguably the play of the game on 3rd and 30, as he possibly saved the team with his clutch reception.

Three game balls later, however, it feels like the whole team deserves one for fighting through adversity. For now, those three are the big winners.

Merry Christmas, everyone. See you on Thursday.

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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