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Potential FA WRs Cowboys Could Sign While Michael Gallup is out

Brian Martin



Dez Bryant

Michael Gallup is expected to miss 2 to 4 weeks after sustaining a knee injury last Sunday against the Washington Redskins that ended up requiring surgery. For the Dallas Cowboys passing game this is a huge hit, but thankfully not a long-term one. In the short term though someone needs to step up, but who?

The most logical solution is for the Cowboys to promote Devin Smith and let him take over Gallup's role on the outside. After all, Smith not only led the team in receiving yards in preseason, but accomplished that feat once again last week against the Redskins (73 yards, 1 TD). But if that's not the direction they want to go, they could look for outside help.

The current wide receiver free agent pool isn't completely void of talent, but there's probably a certain criteria Dallas would be looking for. They'd more than likely prefer someone who can step in and contribute right away and someone who might already know the system. Luckily, there are a few WRs who fit the bill.

Free agent wide receivers with a familiarity with the Dallas Cowboys system is as good a place to start as any, so let's start there…

Former Dallas Cowboys WRs

Dez Bryant

How ironic would it be for Dez Bryant to rejoin the Dallas Cowboys and replace the receiver who was drafted/brought in to replace him? If the Cowboys are looking for a WR who plays the game and shares the same kind of traits as Michael Gallup, bringing back Bryant should definitely be discussed. He is no longer the WR1 he once was, but that's not the role he would be asked to play anyways. He's familiar with the system and more importantly I believe Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore would know how to get the best out of him.

Terrance Williams

If the Dallas Cowboys are truly looking for someone to fill in a few games while Michael Gallup is out, former Cowboys WR Terrance Williams wouldn't be a bad option. Williams has received a lot of unwarranted hate over the years, but he was a solid WR2 during his time in Dallas. He was at his best when Tony Romo was the QB, but for some reason was never able to really click with Dak Prescott. However, the new innovative playcalling of OC Kellen Moore plays more to the strengths of Williams and could help him and Prescott connect.

Deonte Thompson

For a short period of time in 2018 Deonte Thompson was a member of the Dallas Cowboys, meaning he's familiar with the system and has worked with Dak Prescott already. If brought in, he should be able to hit the ground running and hopefully pick up some of the slack while Michael Gallup is out. I don't think he's really an upgrade over Devin Smith or any of the other WRs currently on the Cowboys roster, but he could provide depth in the short term until Gallup is able to return.

Former Divisional Foes

Pierre Garcon

FA WR Pierre Garcon

Pierre Garcon

As a former division foe during his time with the Washington Redskins, the Dallas Cowboys should be very familiar with WR Pierre Garcon. He was a handful to deal with during his time in the NFC East, but unfortunately he has struggled remaining healthy since leaving and joining the San Francisco 49ers. If healthy though, he could be exactly the kind of player the Cowboys are looking for to fill in for Michael Gallup. His playing style is nearly identical and he should be able to step in and help out right away due to his veteran experience.

Jordan Matthews

Jordan Matthews is another former divisional foe who the Dallas Cowboys should know pretty well. He's had two different stents with the Philadelphia Eagles and in that time he has had some impactful moments while playing the Cowboys. I personally believe Matthews is at his best when playing out of the slot, but he does have the ability to play on the outside as well. This could allow OC Kellen Moore to get a little extra creative because Amari Cooper and Randall Cobb have that same versatility. He could also provide a little extra insight about the Eagles since he was most recently with them in 2018.

Talented WRs With Red Flags

Martavis Bryant

FA WR Martavis Bryant

Kelvin Benjamin

If the Dallas Cowboys don't mind a few red flags, they could kick the tires on Kelvin Benjamin to see if he would be able to contribute right away. I have a hard time believing the Cowboys will go this direction though. Benjamin has a history of being overweight and out of shape, meaning he likely wouldn't be ready to step in and play immediately. However, he does possess intriguing size and could be utilized as a red zone threat until Gallup returns.

Martavis Bryant

The only reason Martavis Bryant is still probably available on the market is due to his red flags and checkered past. Talent wise though he's as good as just about any receiver in the NFL. Again, I don't think the Dallas Cowboys would go this direction since they are already dealing with a similar situation with Randy Gregory (substance abuse), but I wouldn't rule it out altogether either. I wouldn't mind them giving him a shot while Gallup is out and then move on if it doesn't pan out. It's one of those risk/reward situations they have been known to make.

Any of these Free Agent WRs make sense as fill ins for Michael Gallup?

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Dallas Cowboys

#DALvsPHI: It’s Make Or Break Time In Dallas This Sunday

Kevin Brady



Jaylon Smith, Eagles

The future of the Dallas Cowboys is hanging in the balance.

Despite three straight incredibly disappointing losses, the Cowboys can take early control of first place in the NFC East with a victory this Sunday. With a loss, though, it could all come apart.

The 2019 season. The Jason Garrett era. All of it.

This may sound dramatic for a week 7 game, but the facts are damning for this version of the Cowboys. Not only would a loss Sunday to the Philadelphia Eagles be Dallas' fourth in a row, but it would also send them under .500 for the first time all season. And when you look at their schedule moving forward, it's hard to see how Dallas could battle back into true contention.

America's Team has looked wildly unprepared the last three weeks. Getting out played and out coached by the Saints and Packers is one thing, but being embarrassed by Adam Gase and the New York Jets is a whole different level of incompetence.Takeaway Tuesday: Dak Prescott The Least of Cowboys Problems 1

Now enter the hated Eagles, swaggering behind the words of their head coach Doug Pederson who guaranteed victory over the Cowboys on Philadelphia sports radio to start the week. But, while the rhetoric around the two teams feels a little different, both Dallas and Philly are in similar situations heading into this game.

Both were considered to be Super Bowl contenders prior to the season, with the Eagles even being crowned as the best team in the NFC by most major media outlets.

Through six games though, each has been disappointing, and each sits at 3-3. The only likely avenue for either of these assumed-giants to make the postseason will be by winning their objectively bad division. A wild card run through this gauntlet of an NFC would be tough, especially as it'll likely take 10 wins to get there.

Sunday is a season changing type of game, and for the Cowboys, it's a potentially franchise changing type of game.

A loss would all but seal Jason Garrett's fait in the eyes of Cowboys Nation, barring a miraculous comeback in the second half of the season. It would also continue this talented group's tailspin back down to the state of mediocrity their doubters all predicted and hoped for.

So, for the sake of the 2019 Cowboys and Jason Garrett, they better show up on Sunday night.

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Dallas Cowboys

5 Cowboys with Big Opportunity as Tyrone Crawford Goes to IR

John Williams



Dallas Cowboys with Opportunity in Wake of Tyrone Crawford Injury

Though his reputation outside of the locker room seemed to be in question by many in the Dallas Cowboys fanbase always in question, Tyrone Crawford has been one of the more valuable members of the Dallas Cowboys. Despite a salary cap hit that was often disproportionate to the production he provided, his leadership and versatility has always been tremendously valuable to the Dallas Cowboys' defensive line.

Crawford's ability to play both defensive end positions and the 3-technique defensive tackle spot has been immensely important for the Cowboys over the years. When the Cowboys struggled to stop the run, he'd give them a boost at right defensive end. When they needed some pass rush help in the middle, Crawford was the guy they'd turn to.

Crawford's battled hip injuries this year and his inability to get healthy has landed him on injured reserve for the 2019 season. He's always been a solid player for the Cowboys and now Dallas will need to figure out how to redistribute his 20-25 defensive snaps per game.

Though he's been primarily a role player, the opportunity exists for his role to be divided up between several players moving forward. Here are five players who stand to benefit most from Tyrone Crawford's injury.

Kerry Hyder, Defensive End/Defensive Tackle

The player with the best chance to fill Crawford's defensive end/defensive tackle role is Kerry Hyder. Hyder has a lot of experience at both positions and even played some nose tackle for the Detroit Lions last year before signing with the Dallas Cowboys in free agency. In 2016, Hyder showed some pass-rush ability from the defensive end spot as he racked up eight sacks. Though Hyder hasn't recorded a sack yet in 2019, he'll see an increase in his snap count moving forward.

Christian Covington, Defensive Tackle

One could argue that Christian Covington has been the Dallas Cowboys' most disruptive defensive tackle in the 2019 season. He has the highest run-stop percentage of any Cowboys defensive lineman, per Pro Football Focus and the highest run defense grade amongst the Cowboys defensive lineman.

Covington has the ability to play both defensive tackle positions and with Antwaun Woods back as the starting 1-technique defensive tackle, it could provide Covington some opportunities to play the 3-technique spot. Maliek Collins is the starter, but the Cowboys need someone to come in and keep him fresh. On early downs and obvious running situations, Covington might be the better choice for the Cowboys inside to get more production from their 3-technique. Maliek Collins has been an effective pass-rusher, but he's struggled in the run game. Covington could help there.

Joe Jackson, Defensive End

Another newcomer to the Dallas Cowboys with inside-outside positional flexibility that could see an uptick in defensive snaps is fifth-round draft pick, Joe Jackson.

Jackson was able to secure a roster spot out of training camp because of the same type of positional flexibility that Tyrone Crawford has shown throughout his career. Though Jackson's only played 51 snaps this season, he saw a decent amount of work in the first three games of the season, with a high of 26 snaps against the New York Giants in week one.

His snap counts have tailed off quite a bit since playing 12 snaps in week three, and he's been a healthy scratch each of the last two games. The potential exists for Jackson to get more work on the gameday roster in the weeks to come.

Trysten Hill, Defensive Tackle

A player that could use a break is rookie Defensive Tackle Trysten Hill. Hill has been a healthy scratch for three of the Dallas Cowboys six games to start the 2019 season. It's been known that he's a bit of a work in progress, but he has a really good ability to get off the ball and penetrate. He needs to work on securing his base and holding his anchor when being double-teamed.

Hill will be a good player, though his biggest impact may not come in 2019, but 2020. With Crawford to IR, Hill may find himself on the active roster to take some of the snaps at 3-technique defensive tackle. The Cowboys could use him to get some interior pressure on the quarterback to take some of the pressure off of the defensive ends to get to the quarterback.

Daniel Wise, Defensive End/Defensive Tackle

Rookie undrafted free agent Defensive End/Tackle Daniel Wise has an excellent opportunity to be promoted to the 53-man roster this week if the Dallas Cowboys feel the need to add another defensive lineman as depth.

Wise had a really nice training camp and preseason that gave many the impression he could make the 53-man roster out of training camp. Depth at the position made it pretty difficult and he's spent the first six weeks of the season on the practice squad.

Because Wise and Crawford play similar positions with similar versatility, it would make sense for the Cowboys to add him to the 53 this week with their matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles looming.

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

The Dallas Cowboys have several decisions to make this week as they attempt to get a win for the first time since beating the Miami Dolphins in week three. They need to figure out who will take Tyrone Crawford's snaps in the defensive end and defensive tackle rotation. They also need to decide who will take Crawford's spot on the game-day roster and the 53-man roster.

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Jourdan Lewis, the Change the Dallas Cowboys Defense Needs

Brian Martin



Jourdan Lewis, the Change the Dallas Cowboys Defense Needs?

The Dallas Cowboys are a mess right now, especially on the defensive side of the ball. There's no sugar coating the way they've played these past few weeks. I think the third consecutive loss in a row pretty much speaks for itself. Something needs to change and fast, but what!?

Enter Cornerback Jourdan Lewis.

With both Byron Jones and Anthony Brown currently nursing injuries from last Sunday's game against the New York Jets, Jourdan Lewis should see quite an increase in playing time in Week 7 against the Philadelphia Eagles. I don't know about you, but this could be the change the Dallas Cowboys defense needs.

If you've read any of my previous articles on Jourdan Lewis, then you already know I've been pretty adamant he deserves to be on the field more often. I believe he is the Cowboys second best cornerback, behind only Byron Jones. Unfortunately, since the hiring of Kris Richard last season he hasn't seen the field much.

Kris Richard has a prototype he prefers in his cornerbacks and No. 27 doesn't quite fit the bill. Richard likes his CBs at least 6 foot tall with an arm length of approximately 32 inches. At 5'10", Jourdan Lewis falls a few inches under the height threshold Richard likes, but narrowly misses in the arm length with 31 5/8 inch arms.

Jourdan Lewis

Dallas Cowboys CB Jourdan Lewis

It may be pretty obvious, but I personally don't agree with Richard's insistence on playing the CBs that fit his prototype. I think it's flawed, especially as it pertains to Jourdan Lewis. On just about any other team around the league Lewis would be starting, but with the Cowboys he currently sits fourth on the depth chart.

Due to the current injuries at the CB position though, Richard doesn't really have a choice but to play Jourdan Lewis more this week. He may even have to be relied upon as a starter and I believe that could be the change the Cowboys defense needs.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Byron Jones and Anthony Brown. But, neither CB is known for creating turnovers. No. 27 on the other hand has a knack for being in the right place at the right time to come away with an interception. In fact, only Anthony Brown (4) has more than interceptions since he joined the team and that's with far more playing time.

As a rookie, Lewis played 70% of the defensive snaps in 2017. His defensive snaps dropped dramatically in 2018 (18%) after the hiring of Kris Richard. So far this season his snap count has increased from a season ago to 30.17% and could rise even higher due to injuries and opportunity.

I don't expect Jourdan Lewis to fix all of the Dallas Cowboys problems on defense all by himself, but the Cowboys have to start somewhere. He could just be the spark they need to get back on track. At least that's what I'm hoping anyway.

What do you think? Is Jourdan Lewis the change the Cowboys defense needs?

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