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Should Dallas Cowboys Re-sign Jason Witten for 2020?

It's not often a franchise has to make the decision on whether to bring back one of their all-time great players. More often than not, those players get to play their entire career with one franchise, retiring on their own terms or being forced to walk away due to . Sometimes, however, an all-time great and future hall of famer is forced to find a new team in the twilight of their career if they want to continue playing. The and faced that decision and now it looks like and the will face a similar decision.

Yesterday, Jason Witten has made it known that he would like to continue playing for the Dallas Cowboys in 2020. With Witten set to hit for the first time in his career, and the Dallas Cowboys have a big decision to make.

Should they re-sign Jason Witten?

Witten's return to the Dallas Cowboys last was met with much fanfare as the Cowboys needed better play from what they got during the . That was Witten's loan season in the booth.

Upon his return, the talk from Witten and the staff was Witten would play around 25 snaps per game; a little less than half of the potential offensive snaps a game. The idea was Witten would provide veteran to the Dallas Cowboys locker room while becoming a role player making way for the Cowboys young tight ends and .

The opposite came to be as Jason Witten resumed his role as the starter. Though he played a smaller percentage of snaps than he had throughout much of his career, Witten's presence still forced his way onto the field when perhaps Blake Jarwin might have been a better option. From 2012 to 2017, Jason Witten had never played fewer than 96% of the team's offensive snaps.

The benefit to bringing Jason Witten back is again, they'll have a veteran presence with a lot of experience to help lead the team, hopefully to the . Witten, even at 37 years old produced at a similar rate to 2017 and that was after a year off from football. At 75.9%, Witten's catch percentage was the best of his career. Among tight ends with at least 65 targets in 2019, Witten had the fifth-highest catch percentage in the NFL. All while finishing second in the NFL among tight ends in drops with six.

Jason Witten
OAKLAND, CA – DECEMBER 17: Jason Witten #82 of the Dallas Cowboys looks on during the game against the at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 17, 2017 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

There are few negatives to the idea of bringing Jason Witten back as a football player. However, there comes a time when a team has to look to the future and not to the past with players. Jason Witten has been a consummate professional for the Dallas Cowboys and one of the league's few iron men. It's really difficult for NFL players to make it through a season playing all 16 games and Jason Witten's done that 15 seasons since his rookie year. His blocking ability hasn't been as good in recent years, which may force the Cowboys to look elsewhere if they want good to great blocking from the tight end position.

He's been limited in recent years in his ability to get down the field and threaten the vertically. Witten also hasn't offered a whole lot after the catch. Both of those areas are where Blake Jarwin excelled in 2019 on fewer snaps.

The difficulty comes in bringing Witten back and making him a role player. We saw that in 2019. When the became uncertain about Blake Jarwin's blocking ability or uneasy about the game situation, they relied on old reliable to be a rock-solid presence for the team, whether or not he was the best option given the game situation.

The future tight end would make an excellent insurance policy for the team if they decided to role with Blake Jarwin or Dalton Schultz as their starting tight end. Even if they decided to draft a player, the Cowboys would feel more confident going young, if they knew they could bring in Witten when they needed to. If they could talk him into playing 50% or fewer snaps moving forward while attempting to develop Blake Jarwin or a rookie with similar athletic ability, it could be a good move for the Cowboys.

From the new coaching staff's perspective, Jason Witten could be an asset or a hindrance to what they were trying to do in cultivating their locker room. After bringing in as a de facto locker room coach, Mike McCarthy has made it clear of the importance of having a strong and healthy locker room. Jason Witten the professional and excellent teammate that he is could help that transition occur. Given, however, his length of service to the organization and to , the new coaching regime could see him as the final vestige of an underwhelming era of Dallas Cowboys football. Jason Witten is the longest-tenured member of the Dallas Cowboys. Fair or not, as great as his career has been, team success is the only thing lacking.

In 2019, Jason Witten proved that he still has a lot to offer an NFL team and perhaps even the Dallas Cowboys. However, the Dallas Cowboys have an opportunity to get more athletic at the position by giving Blake Jarwin a bigger role or in the and they have to take it. The only way it makes sense for Jason Witten to return to the Cowboys is in a reduced role. Maybe with a new coaching regime who isn't tied to Witten, maybe they won't feel the pressure to get him on the field so much and it'll work. If they can talk him into being the second tight end on the , then count me in. Otherwise, it's time for the Cowboys to go in a different direction at the position.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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John Mendez

Yes of course they should bring him back for one more season limit him with reps he a big
assit to the team in helping mentor the younger players i think witten is going to be a heck of a coach when he gets that chance to coach.


I love Jason Whitten but it’s time to develop the other guys. I saw Whitten drop balls, miss blocks and he can’t run. At what point do we not keep him? My answer is now.


Sign him for one more year. Poor dude came back thinking his team was going some where. The whole Dallas Organization had a rough year. Maybe with a fresh coaching staff, and some under everyone’s @ss. The amazing talent Dallas has, hopefully will show up and win us the Big One. We have plenty of Star talent. Just needs to be brought out. Jason deserves it. One more Year

Jeremy Sykes

He is the GOAT. Enough said.

Cowboys fan

I wouldn’t mind him coming back for another year or 2 as long as it’s in a reserve role!! He’s not the tight end he used to be!! I think it’s time to let Blake Jarwin take over as the starter, he can stretch the field and get a lot of yards after catch, and Witten can’t do that anymore!! Blake used to be a wide receiver so he knows how to catch the ball and get down field without being tackled by the first defender that gets ahold of him!! That’s all I seen from Witten last season…. He’d catch the ball and go down on first contact!! And most of the time it was less than 10 yards when he went down!! That’s not doing us any good, we need a tight end that can get us those first downs when we need them to!! So yeah, I agree with the story, we can bring him back, but only as a mentor, or as the second tight end on the depth chart!!

Charles Ingram

You don’t find talent if you never use it.

Derek Johnson

Helll nooo! He is 5 years removed from being a good player. .noooo waaay!

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