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3 Free Agents the Dallas Cowboys Should Consider Signing

Current free agents the Dallas Cowboys should kick the tires on.

If the Dallas Cowboys haven’t lost enough players to season-ending injuries already, the losses of both Dak Prescott and Trysten Hill certainly added to the numbers. The ripple effects of these two losses have yet to be seen, although both will no doubt have a huge impact on the amount of success or failure the Cowboys will have this season.

Surprisingly enough the Dallas Cowboys haven’t really dipped into free agency since the 2020 season started despite the outcry from fans around Cowboys Nation. Despite the reluctance he to add outside help though, I thought I’d share with you a few free agents who I believe they should consider signing for depth purposes if nothing else.

Let’s take a look…

DT Marcell Dareus

After Trysten Hill’s season-ending knee injury the Dallas Cowboys find themselves extremely thin at the defensive tackle position. Marcell Dareus is arguably the best option available right now  – after Damon Harrison signed to the Seattle Seahawks practice squad  -and someone who could help the Cowboys run defense. He doesn’t provide much as a pass rusher, but at 6’3″ 331 he should help clog up the middle and allow the linebackers more freedom to make plays.

OT LaAdrian Waddle

The Dallas Cowboys are now forced to start two undrafted players at both left and right tackle after losing Tyron Smith and La’el Collins for the season. Brandon Knight and Terence Steele performed admirably in Week 5 against the New York Giants, but there’s still a lot of football left to play in 2020. The Cowboys would be wise to find a more experienced option. LaAdrian Waddle could challenge to start at RT, but at worst could be an upgrade as a swing tackle.

QB Cooper Rush

Due to Dak Prescott’s season-ending ankle injury the Dallas Cowboys now find themselves an unfortunate accident away from having to start rookie QB Ben DiNucci. With a less mobile Andy Dalton now starting and a patchwork offensive line, the Cowboys probably need to add a more experienced option. So… Why not go with someone who already knows the system/personnel? Cooper Rush was Dallas’ QB2 the past two seasons and could easily step right back into that role.

What do you think?

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Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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  1. So glad Dak is out. He actually always over, under or mid leads…or doesn’t lead our receivers at all….except into a potential neck breaking tackle. He is not any kind of as good as anyone claims. All of our lineman are hurt because he holds the ball for twice as long as a good or smart QB. We, first of all for yrs…… Should be feeding Zeak!!!!!!! Any Dalton is smart….. He’s good…… this is the best thing that has happened to Dallas in yrs…..hopefully now we definitely don’t sign that greedy ass loser qb to a huge contract so he can artificially pad his stats throw to the back shoulder of the receiver so we can’t get that 1 yard for the first. ( Had he put the ball in front, first down) BTW…..if the corner backs could catch the f’n ball these days…..Dak Wad would have tons of picks…..pick 6’s. That goes for ours also. Especially #27…..if we would catch the ball on defense……we stopped lots of drives. Should have let over greedy Dak Wad go and signed Dalton like we did plus Andrew Luck who was interested. Nough said!!!! Now sign a big ass fat run stopping dt or 2 and the best possible lineman period u can find on offense to assist.

  2. You know I am a Dak fan but very Happy we have Andy . He is definitely smart just was stuck in a team who had issues with smart coaching . I’ll have to say that I agree with the person above 100%. Dak was starting to develop Romo-itis holding on to the ball too long and make poor throwing decisions in tight coverage.

  3. Gonzales classlessness is NOT representative of nearly ANY Human Being, much less Cowboys fan. Dak has more class than this ignorant.

  4. It will get worst if the Jones don’t fixed the defense the back end of that defense is garbage I’m tied of watching them get beat on every play please send Nolan packing

  5. Sucks loosing a Top 5 QB like Dak! But Andy Dalton is no scrub! He never had weapons like Coop, Gallup, and Lamb! He never had a running game like we have with Zeke and yet he was still able to take the Bengals to the playoffs multiple times! No we don’t have the o-line we used to but Dalton is the best backup we have had in years! He will win us some games! We have to run the damn ball! And let Dalton throw when he has to. But the main problem is the defense! Especially the back end! We need them guys to step up or Stephen Jones and JJ need to go get us some guys who will and can defend the pass better than Woods has so far! I hear Eric Reid is still a free agent and there are some other quality safeties that are still free agents!

  6. No one should bash Dak rn. You don’t throw 450+ throwing yards a game and it mean nothing. The fact that those stats don’t turn into wins isn’t Dak’s fault, we just need our defense to actually do something. And I’m sure Dak would’ve loved to give zeke the ball more but when your defense makes you always play from behind it’s hard to have time for that. Dak is a great qb and it will really hurt losing him, I think we’ll see that immediately. However, there is hope with Andy Dalton. He’s good. I don’t see him leading us to crazy comebacks like that against the falcons but I expect he’ll be a sturdy backup. Lets face it tho. the Boyz aren’t going anywhere this year. the only two teams we beat are in the bottom three – and we had to make a comeback against them… AT HOME. I’m just praying that Dak will heal quickly ready to lead us to something great like the 13-3 year he did his rookie year. Remember we were like 4-12 I think the year before we went 13-3. Maybe a similar record this year would help when Dak is all healed up

  7. The fans that are sending their comments are definitely fourth grade drop outs. Please polish up on writing skills your embarrassing the cowboy organization.

  8. You dis a man who is done for the man Dak who carried tje team the defense couldn’t get it done he put it on his shoulders to help win believe me im not a fan of McCarthy but he will turn it around

  9. The Cowboys need to start drafting players to met McCarthy system!! Trade away players that met the system! Trade for players that will change the Defense!!!

  10. This coming draft should be about getting players that fit Nolan Defense system!!! And providing better protection for your quarterback!!! McCarthy needs to will and deal thru trades to get draft picks for players already on team!!! Team needs to be rebuild to met McCarthy system!!!! Than you can judge!!!

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