The "dress rehearsal" game has come and gone. For the Cowboys it felt like any other preseason game with several starters not playing, and a few who didn't stick around very long. The absence of those key players was useful in allowing for more sifting through the remainder of the...
Last night, the Dallas Cowboys "dress rehearsal" preseason game in Seattle left Cowboys Nation with plenty of positive - and negative - takeaways. As always, these takes were shared all over the great world of Twitter. Even Dez Bryant himself, who was inactive with a concussion suffered earlier in the...
Thursday night's preseason contest between the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks had a wee bit of a late kickoff time. Many fans were concerned that they were going to fall asleep. Makes sense. Three plays in the Cowboys saw their season writhing in pain on the ground. It was a...
The Dallas Cowboys Preseason dress rehearsal has come and gone, and it caused a whole lot of anxiety in the process with Tony Romo's injury scare. Talk about tough cookies. Per the usual routine around these parts, immediately after the game I jumped on OchoLive (which you can view on...
The "real games" may not start until September, but things almost got very real for the Cowboys tonight. On the third play of their third preseason game, Dallas watched Tony Romo get crunched on a scrambling run. He lay on the turf holding his back, and the collective gut of...
Here's a quick look at the players who have been confirmed out for for tonight's game or whose status is in question against the Seattle Seahawks: OUT: Dez Bryant, WR - Concussion Tyrone Crawford, DT - Concussion Shaneil Jenkins, DT/DE - Hamstring & Knee Andrew Gachkar, LB - Thumb Mark Nzeocha, LB - Achilles Kellen Moore,...
Howdy, howdy Cowboy fans. You know what today is, don’t you? Game day! The Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks go head-to-head this evening in the 2016 preseason dress rehearsal. What can I say? We've had two solid weeks of quarterback play so far and Tony Romo has hardly played. But he's looked ready to...
Not much changes week-to-week in Fantasy Football with kickers in the preseason. Things have to go really bad for a kicker to get much preseason publicity. The good kickers keep their names out of the papers, aside from things like this: Isn't it great, Cowboys fans? We have one of the...
The preseason shouldn't lead to very much change in how you see defenses for fantasy football. Teams don't show a lot when they line up in August, so these rankings won't change much until the season starts, and we start looking at the match-ups. The Schedule If you are like me and...
The tight end group in recent years has been as deep as any in fantasy football. If you aren't able to draft one of the top three, you can find really good value in the middle and late rounds of the draft. Risers Julius Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars Julius Thomas, of the Jacksonville...


#RJOShow B05: Tony Romo Injury Breakdown And Impact On Cowboys on #SoundCloud

He would be QB4 or QB5 on the team. And you're tossing the word "great" out there? 🙈

Riley|Yung Galaxy@mrsosababy1017

@CowboysNation @VCrunner Austin Davis isn't even great though

Its not so much what he said as it is the smugness he has when talking down about Romo's future


@CowboysNation someone please tell me what he said

I wish Heath Evans would never talk about Tony Romo again.

I expect them to add someone before Thursday and either sit Dak or play like 1 series. Showers + New Guy the rest

Rick Eggers@RAE4D

@CowboysNation sorry if I've missed this thread. Dak sits next Thursday and we see Showers and a free agent they add?

Just wait for the ones that search "Tebow" every day and attack when they see negative tweets


@CowboysNation the "Lets get tebow" fans gunna come back out of their holes they were living in during the offseason

Ya but the ones they're most likely to release don't fill that "vet backup" role.

J. Zamora ✭@_TheOnlyJuan

@CowboysNation got to think the jets or Chiefs will release someone worth a look though

Ohhhh if Austin Davis comes available I would love that as a "vet backup" if they add one

Shane McCormick@VCrunner

@CowboysNation Yates or A. Davis, when released, is perfect

"Is our season ruined?" "Nah man we will get thru this."